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Working since 2017 around the Australian market world, we can proudly announce that we are providing one of the best quality services for batch coding and successfully satisfying our customers till these days. Our services cover all the marketing related fields whether it is food, beverages, confectionary, dairy, meat & poultry, pharmaceutical or building products batch coding and marking. We can provide you with the best branded batch coding machine such as TTO printers, batch printers, inkjet coding printers, laser printers, labeling machine, thermal inkjet printers and many more. Starting from ordering to deliver the products, training and after support you will find us with you guiding you all the way.

Batch coding and marking:
Any product produced in industry, manufactured in factory, or made in small product house need to be labeled with an identifying code and this called batch coding. We make this labeling job, marking and very small printing on product easier for the producer so you just concentrate on producing.

Our machines are designed with you in mind and able to print clear and durable batch number directly on manufactured products of any kind and packaging. The machines are up to date and designed with latest and smart technologies to ensure top efficiency.

Batch coding machine: The batch coding machines we provide can be distributed in many categories. You can choose them according to your needs or you can always get suggestion from our experts.

Manual batch coding: small production where batch coding is done by hand uses this type of batch coding machines. Such as using handheld inkjet printer, or foot pedal printer, to print on different substance manually.

Semi-automatic batch coding: This type of machine handles the coding work automatically but product feeding, and collection is done by hand. A combination of automated machine and human hand keeps the manufacturing work running.

Automatic batch coding: All the works starting from applying the codes, product feeding, and printing are done automatically. No need to put hand once the machine is set up. These machines ensure large scale production. High efficiency and fast marking and labeling make the automatic machines suitable for big industrial uses. 

Contact batch coding: Contact batch coding machines do the labeling work by coming into direct contact with the surface of the products. Traditional rubber or metal stamps as well as automatic thermal transfer overprinting (TTO) most popularly used batch coding machine belongs to this category.

TTO and other contact batch coding is useful for some food and beverage products and ideal for printing on flexible film packaging, laminated cardboard, and stand-up pouches. Our Savema 20 series TTO machine are certainly the best printers for contact batch coding solution.

Non-contact batch coding: There are machines that do not need to meet physically the product’s surface. They use the technique laser printing or ink sprays to apply the desire code. Printers like continuous inkjet, thermal inkjet and laser coders are non-contact batch coding machine. We have a wide range of collection of inkjet coding devices for non-contact batch coding purpose.




In industrial and manufacturing sector, batch code printers are used for a variety of different products with different curves and irregular surfaces and non-contact batch coding machines are suitable in this case. Laser printers and inkjet printers have been made with industrial and manufacturing sector coding and marking requirements in mind. Our Streamline series inkjet coding devices from Squidink can help you achieve high resolution-printing at very fast speed. Laser printing machines are capable of printing code on almost every kind of surface of items and materials whether it is glass, plastic, foil, or metal with no use of consumables.

Here you will find all the different variety of batch coding machines made to meet different purpose for labeling goods. Our collection of machines come with a wide range of prices. So, you won’t have to face any problem to take your required machine that matches your budget. The cost of a batch coding system can vary a lot. It depends on how you set up your individual factory, what type of technology is required, how many machines are going to be needed for the job and how many products are going to be coded daily. We make sure that there is a balance among these parameters and provide our customers with affordable service and solutions for over costing situations. Our experts are always ready to guide you through the selection process to ensure that you find the perfect and cost-effective solution to your batch coding requirements. With all the options available to each product you are sure to find the one that suitable for your need.

Mission Statement

Alpha Coding Pty Ltd. is providing a complete solution to batch coding and marking needs of the market. Our innovative engineers are creating a niche in batch coding solutions for manufacturing as well as packaging industry. Alpha Coding Pty Ltd. differentiates itself from the competition with its ability and flexibility to work on each customer’s specific requirement.

Our commitment to our customer satisfaction has laid the groundwork for exceptional service, delivery, and support. This model of excellence makes Alpha Coding one of the more respected Batch code printers, Laser Coders, Inkjet printers and much more equipment suppliers in Australia for any packaging industry whether it is food, confectionary, dairy, pet food, building packaging and other specialised services needs batch coding and markings

Our service helps enhance our customers’ operations. We deliver and support our services so your business can run without any interruptions.

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