Label Applicator Machines

Label Applicator machine

Label applicator machine is commonly used in most large, medium and small industrial companies. It has various applications, most of which revolve around standard labels, and can be custom made for special design labels. Label applicator have the capacity to apply labels to bottles, cans, containers, cartons, cardboard boxes, plastic packaging, pallets and many more.

It is widely used in pharmaceutical industry, bakeries, dairy & cheese, food and beverages industry, thereby making it easier to maintain the consistency of the brand products in all distribution outlets, it provides consistent application every time, it is cost effective and cuts down on labour cost.

Different industries use these label applicator machines to print and apply on standard in a fast and cost-effective manner. Label applicator varies for different applications, such as top label applicator, bottom label applicator, top and bottom label applicator, C shape label applicator, L shape Label applicator, wrap around label applicator, as well it can be customised upon customer demands. Lots of manufacturing companies usually use automatic label applicator machines to complete their production line, which are commonly used for multi-tasking purposes. Companies need labels for a wide variety of products, such as plastic packaging, bottles, containers, cardboard boxes, plastic injection packs, shipping containers and pallets. These label applicators eliminate the use of manual label application, double handling and long labour hours; therefore products can be supplied to consumers at more affordable prices.

An industrial label applicator machine is often designed as a single-function machine or multi-function machine. Label applicators are commonly used for different type of packaging industries .

Some popular applications include plastic bottle packaging, metal and glass jars, corrugated cardboard, paper and fibreboard packaging, wood, and cardboard tubes and other wooden or plastic containers.

Label applicator machines are designed for single- or double-sided applications. Single sided machines are suitable for single labels. Double sided applicators enable the machine to apply labels on both sides of the product.

In different types of packaging industries, an automatic label applicator can be integrated with a batch coder, Thermal inkjet printer or a print engine
These optional coding printers vary from printing single line, double line, or a large size label template.

Some of there batch coders are

  • TTO thermal over print, such as Savema, Linx, videojet, Domino and many more.
  • CIJ continuous inkjet printer,
  • TIJ thermal inkjet printer,

If require a larger print size, then a print engine should be used, such as Zebra, Datamax and Sato, print width of these print engines varies between 4 inch and 6 inch allowing to print wider size prints. These print engines have the ability to print SSCC labels, or larger labels that include product information, ingredients, nutritional panel, barcode, QR code, expiry date etc…

Automatic label applicator machines can be designed to print and apply in different languages depending on customer and consumer needs
Each of these applicators have advantages and less to no time in drawbacks, if machine are kept maintained regularly.

There is a wide variety of label applicators that costumer should choose depends on the type of product and their business demand. When purchasing these applicators, customers should check out the specific features and benefits that each product offers. Call us or simply email us our technical personnel at Alpha Coding happy to assist on choosing the right label applicator, we are always happy to help decide which label applicator is best for customer demand

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