Alpha Coding Laser coder from Dikai

fiber laser marking

Alpha Coding provides you with the best coding and marking machines from top brand products. Our products include latest technology with updated function and numerous unique features to make labeling and coding easier. The demand of production of goods is increasing every day in every sector and the use of labeling and marking is increasing at same rate. Industry and factories are facing challenge to meet the desired labeling and marking target with traditional labeling machines. To boost the work rate and to give a better quality and long-lasting marking code and logos laser marking machines are introduced that have the potential to work more efficiently and also easy to handle in any environment.

Laser Coder

Laser coder use laser marking system; a system that uses a beam of concentrated light to create a lasting mark on almost any surface. It is an automated and high-speed process that leave a permanent traceability mark on the surface of the products. When laser coder used on a surface of products, it alters the material’s properties and appearance creating precise, high quality, high-contrast marks that are easy to read or scan on virtually any surface. This feature makes laser marking ideal for applications where accuracy and permanency are critical to success. Compared to other non-permeant marking processes such as printing or labeling, laser marking uses no consumables and requires less maintenance.

Dikai CO2 Laser Printer:

All in One CO2 Laser Coding Machine adopts a new intelligent vector control algorithm, the coding speed of it is greatly improved and it is 200% faster than the market standard. Its all-in-one compact structure makes it easier to install. Its permanent and high-contrast coding effect ensures its trace ability which makes it the first choice for anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling systems.

There are three types of wave length of DC130/50i CO2 Laser Printer, DC130/50i 9.3/10.2/10.6 are respectively suitable for printing on PET, Film Coated Carton and ordinary material.

Dikai Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Widely used laser marking machine that comes with smaller size ensuring permanent high-quality coding. Consumable is not needed and low maintenance is enough to keep it running at its full capacity.

Other benefits of laser marking

  • Equipped with high-performance CPU, lower power consumption, faster frequency
  • 1200 characters per second, the leading level of industry
  • New intelligent control algorithm, providing high quality coding technology
  • Red light preview: show the marking position before marking
  • It can run continuously for 24 hours, the average of trouble-free time is over 5000 hours
  • Most economic and reliable coding machine
  • User-friendly interface, easy to learn, easy to operate
  • High temperature resistance: perfect for marking medical equipment that requires sterilization
  • The durability & Finer Marking quality: optimizes it for use in jewelry, mobile phones, and other items of value.

With our latest laser printer, you don’t need to worry anymore about lagging behind in marking and labeling task. Get your desired coding machine and boost your industrial products coding and labeling to the next level.