Alpha coding Thermal Transfer overprinter SAVEMA

Alpha coding TTO SAVEMA

Alpha coding brings you the complete solution for batch coding and  marking for industrial and non-industrial products. Batch coding and marking is a vital part of any industry, producer and manufacture related work.  the demand of batch coders and automated machine is increasing day by day as they are designed to offer fast, precise and efficient service of coding work. One of the popular and most used machines is Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO). Thermal Transfer printing is a digital method in which ribbon is applied to the products by melting a coating of it, and it stays glued to the surface of the goods on which the printing is applied. Thermal transfer printing is preferable over direct thermal printing where high durability of the printed template is needed and the surfaces that are heat sensitive. The high performance, cost-effective SAVEMA Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTOs) are versatile enough for printing fixed and variable text, data, and graphics. It is ideal for reproducing bar codes, real-time, sell-by dates, batch numbers, prices, batch codes and much more. We provide the latest model of SAVEMA TTO products.

Advantages of Thermal Transfer Overprinter

  • Low printing costs,
  • Durability of the print image,
  • High contrast and high edge sharpness (important e.g. for barcodes),
  • High-resolution prints in milliseconds speed up to 400 prints per minute
  • Prints are sturdier and can stand up to a variety of environmental conditions,
  • Thermal prints do not fade in sunlight, smudge or become distorted after contact with oils
  • Low maintenance and proven technology,
  • High printing speed (up to 400 mm/second).

Our TTO products

Two-component models of brackets (Intermittent & continuous)  can be easily integrated into machines such as vertical and horizontal flow wrapper, primary labelers, thermoformers, and overwrapping equipment. The units are suitable for all intermittent applications within the food, pharmaceutical cosmetics, and automobile spare parts industries and have the capability to code all kinds of 1D/2D barcodes and Datamatrix codes.

General features:

  • Robust mechanical design
  • Available in 32mm , 53mm, 107mm 125mm in Continuous or Intermittent mode print area.
  • Available in 600 m. Ribbon Capacity. (600m to 1000m in 53 I & C and 32 I & C model)
  • 300 dpi (12 dots/mm) Print Quality.
  • 50 – 300mm per/second print speed. (50 – 500mm per/second in 53 I & C and 32 I & C model)
  • Template Design PC Program “Sayasis S20” all features are free of charge.
  • Large memory for all label formats to be stored locally.
  • Memory: 5000 Templates can be stored in the control screen memory.
  • 7″ touch panel color control screen.
  • Barcode Types: 1D Barcodes ( EAN-13, EAN-8, CODE 128, CODE 39, CODABAR, ITF 2of5, ITF 14, UPCA, UPC-E…), 2D Barcodes (Datamatrix, QR Code, PDF417, Aztec code…), GS-1 Barcodes ( GS1-128, GS1-Datamatrix, GS1-Databar Barcodes)
  • The USB can be used to transfer messages between printers and through computer too.

 TTO Models available:

All the models are available with a wide range of option where you are sure find the best one for your need. Batch coding or label marking gets easier when alpha coding is with you. Our latest technology and up to date machines can bring you the work speed you needed in order to keep your industrial production process running.