Complete Batch Coding and Label Solution by Epacking SRL

Alpha coding brings you the complete solution for batch coding and label application for industrial and non-industrial products. Batch coding and labelling is a vital part of any industry, produce and manufacture related work. And the demand of label Applicators and automated machines are increasing day by day as they are designed to offer fast, precise and efficient service of labelling work. Epacking SRL are the leading Italian design and manufacturer of labelling systems. Alpha coding provides you with  E-packing labeling system which are able to boost  production and operation at a very satisfactory level. We conceive and design label applicators for a range of different packaging and product formats. One of our strengths is the manufacture of bespoke systems, customised to specific customer requirements.

Epacking Trito and Giove Smart System: It is designed with self-adhesive feature to apply label to match production lines. It is ideal for mounting on flat or slightly irregular and the application of top, bottom and side self-adhesive labels.

Epacking Saturno 1T Compact with Phasator: Owing to the solution for labeling products having cylindrical surface, Saturno 1T comes with totally synchronized compact machine with 1 head with 0-20 m/min variable speed conveyor belt and color touch screen. It can be used for full and semi-full wrap around and can record till 50 receipts. All components are synchronized to the speed of the conveyor belt which makes it very easy and quick any size change.

Epacking Saturno 2T Top and Wrap: Totally synchronized system with 2 heads for labelling on the top and on the body cylindrical products (diameter 30 to 150 mm), with 0-30 m / min variable speed conveyor belt and color touch screen. On Saturn Synchro model, all components are synchronized to the speed of the conveyor belt, making very easy and quick any size change. In line labeling system for application half wrap/total wrap and security labels devoted to cylindrical, conycal exagonal products made of glass or plastic.

Epacking Urano Power Print and Apply: System designed to print and apply labels on flat or slightly irregular moving products. Matching at the end of the line as tapers, box formers, or out of thermo-foldable packaging machines. prints and applies the last label on the upper,lower or side of the box, by the help of an air flow that blows till 10mm distance from pad. The best part is boxes product can be in movement or standstill.

Batch coding or label application gets easier when Alpha coding is with you. Our latest technology and up to date machines can bring you the work speed you needed in order to keep your industrial production process running.

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