Godex Industrial Printers

In order to provide the best solution to the batch coding problem in both industrial and non-industrial factories and manufacturers, alphacoding brings you the latest and befitting technological printing machine and code applicator. We have the best products with reasonable pricing, products from the top brands that can stand to the ultimate test and keep your industrial work at run with high efficiency.

Like other popular and demanding printing machines of alphacoding, desktop label printer: Godex Industrial Printers, quality product, built to last industrial barcode label printers. Its increased print speeds, up to 8 inch print widths and a whole range of added features to enhance the user experience. It is able to take industrial heavy task and maintain the quality output to its level. Today in every business whether it is a large one or a small one, label printer is essential to print labels, tags, barcodes, receipts at any time.  Godex industrial printers come with the combination with compact and robust design.

A wide range of models of this printer are available, each one of them has unique feature and advantage. The model HD830I is best known for thermal transfer printer with wide label formats. It is a rugged printer of exquisite design which includes significant characteristics of high-performance electronics, reliable mechanism that comes with user-friendly interface and easy maintenance.


  • High quality products
  • Free global software
  • Advanced adaptive dampening technology : to optimize print quality
  • Multiple interfaces for multiple requirements
  • Modular TPH easy to do maintenance
  • Favorable prices
  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance
  • High resolution which ensures better quality of image
  • High speed printing

Increasing the batch coding leads to increased production and manufacture. Choosing a good printer ensure continuous coding process which in turns improve the overall manufacture of an industry.

Our printers come with favorable price and our professionals are always up to the task of providing you professional advice and customer service in the least possible time. When you are choosing alphacoding products, you are sure to find good quality products. There is a various option in each of the category of products offering you to choose the best one that meet you needs. If you are confused or unable to find out which product going to suit you best then our professional advisors are always there to help you with that. Talk to us and share what you are looking for, let us help you so that you don’t lag behind anymore in batch coding process.

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