Alphacoding Fiber Laser Marking Machine

fiber laser marking

Batch coding and marking, is a large sector, that includes marking on metal surface to be permanent with a high-quality print and at a high speed. Fiber laser marking is a wonderful method to assist in this case. Laser marking is a permanent process and uses a beam of concentrated light that burns the surface, creates a lasting mark on almost any surface. This laser marking machines are used for jewelry marking, gold and almost any metal, cooking utensils, stainless steel, plastic, all kind of cans and all kind of alloy plates. It confirms high accuracy coding. The machine is amazingly efficient and process with high speed while leaving lasting traceability marks including serial numbers, part numbers; machine-readable data such as barcodes,QR code,  Unique ID codes, and 2D Data Matrix codes; or graphics.

How it works

The marking is done by a focused beam of light that interact with the surface of materials altering its properties and appearance. This beam of light concentrates only a specific area and allow the machine to make precise, high-quality and high contrast marks that are very easy to read or scan on virtually any surface. The fiber laser marking machine is highly used where accuracy and permanency are very important to success.

Benefits of using fiber laser mark

  • Small in size and volume
  • Easy to operate: 1 hour is enough to learn it
  • No consumable, save costs, and lower maintenance, only one mechanical part in the lence to diviate the laser beam.
  • Long life time: It can work long period and it does not use consumerables.
  • Greater operational efficiency and productivity with almost to none waste and downtime
  • Safety , laser requires fume extractor for fume especially in plastic marking application
  • Durable, readable high-quality marking, batch coding, prints barcode, logo and much more
  • Minimized costly threats such as quality and counterfeiting issues
  • Ensured compliance with industry and non-industry regulations

Our one and only target is to make batch coding and marking easier and productive for the manufacturers. Whether it is industrial or non-industrial manufacturing, Alphacoding is always here to help  with the best application with the latest updated technology. Reliable customer support and a team which is always up to the task.

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