Alpha coding thermal inkjet coding printer TIJ

Alpha coding is the leading supplier of batch coder, batch printer and labeling machines in Australia. To assist the batch coding task, machines and technologies from every category and every kind are available. Whether it is manual or automatic, online and offline coders, at Alphacoding will provide the perfect corresponding coding and printing solutions that are available in the market. Our engineers are innovating something new and amazing every day and always trying to provide the latest and advanced technologies befitting the needs and demands. Our one of the best and highly demanding printers is Meenjet MX1 industrial inkjet coding printer

Meenjet MX1 thermal inkjet coding printer

The printer comes with a number of unique and useful features and benefits. It is a user friendly printer, has a 4.3 colour touch screen,  It’s an online inkjet printer uses HP ink cartridge. It embedded linux operation system. The prints is trigger by external sensor such as photocell or internal sensor which is adjusted in the print settings and it  prints intervals.

This TIJ prints on porous and non porous substanced, apply permanent prints, such as batch code, barcode expiry date, and logo on a wide range of surface of products and packaging. It works by drop ejection process and fires very small ink droplets,  prints high resolution marks, can print 1,2 or 3 lines with maximum height of 12.7mm.

Benefits of Meenjet MX1 industrial inkjet coding printer

  • 600 DPI High Resolution Inkjet Coding Print
  • Support various languages operating system.
  • Printing numbers, expiration date, times, Variable text, QR Code, Data Matrix text, logo, barcode.
  • Adjustable font size and type.
  • Easy operation, free maintenance. Only need press-to-Print.
  • Various type of ink suitable for materials with porous, semi-porous and non-porous surface.
  • Reduced error and wastage and maximum uptime
  • No need for labels

The printer is easy to use and comes with easy setup and easy function, flexible for any working situation and reliable. Uniquely good in efficiency and speed. The printer like the other machines of ours comes with convenient price. Moreover, we have a wide range of collection of models in each kind of printer and machine which makes it easier to find the exact one for specific need. All our batch coder, printer and labeling machines are from the best brand of the world. So, efficiency and quality of work is not questionable.

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