Savema 20 Series Feeder & Conveyor Belt / feeding System Device for coding and marking

Factories whether it’s small medium or large are manufacturing numerous products and goods every day. these products and goods require a reliable system of batch coding and printing equipment to print batch code, best before date, barcodes on their packaging. A proper and efficient batch coding is really important. Today’s high developed batch coding machines and methods are made with the ability to make the batch coding task automated easier and faster. A lot of works starting from feeding packaging to printing batch number,  barcode to labeling  all the works is done by the machines and robotics. Alpha coding is one step ahead in this case. We are providing all kind of batch coding machines, printers and other necessary batch coding machines with the latest and advanced technology from the best brands around the globe. Among the best feeding and marking system one of our amazing product is Savema 20 Series Feeder & Conveyor Belt system.

This device comes with high performance,low cost and to prevent manual handling. The feeder system feeds the packaging that needs to be printed, it can be plastic bags, pouches, cardboard sleeves, envelopes etc

It feeds the packaging one by one to be marked and coded individually. it has a big magazine to hold more then 100 products at a time depends on its thickness, the magazine can be modified upon costumer request to hold even more. The marking position can be adjusted with very sensitive sensors. all marked packaging will be collected by a trays At the rear back.

The Thermal Transfer Overprinter Mounted on top of the conveyor is versatile enough for printing fixed and variable text, data, and graphics. It is ideal for, barcodes, use by dates, batch numbers, prices, expiry date and much more. SAVEMA friction feeders are designed to work with conveyor belt can be placed in front of a Production line or it can be used stand alone.

SAVEMA conveyors are designed to work with friction and vacuum feeder.A barcode readers, image control systems, labeling machine & printing tools can be mounted on the conveyor belt.

 The device can be used for different applications that include

  • Postal service and cargo
  • With Ink-jet Marking & Coding
  • With Labelling Machine Marking & Coding
  • Folding Machine feeding
  • Invoice and magazine feeding

Special features of Savema 20 Series Feeder & Conveyor

  • Higher performance with high efficiency and lower cost
  • High quality printing
  • Flexible for any situation and industrial work
  • Able to do inkjet and Thermal Transfer printing and labeling
  • Store data in the system

Alpha coding is always upgrading and increasing its resource in order to provide a best experience for its customer. We are able to successfully introduce the world the necessary arrangement and solution to the batch coding and marking. Our products come with affordable and reasonable prices and after sell services are also ensured by our team.

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